Although we are a young law firm formally incorporated in 2014, the two partners and attorneys have years of experience both in the judiciary system and as attorneys, where they dealt with a variety of legal areas, focusing on and specializing in criminal, corporate, and civil law.

  • Representation of clients before courts of law,

  • representation before the minor offence judge,

  • drawing up criminal complaints.

  • Filing indemnification, pecuniary, and other claims of victims in criminal proceedings.

  • Pursuit of claims in bankruptcy or compulsory settlement/composition proceedings,
  • copyright law,
  • banking law and regulations,
  • drawing up all types of contracts or agreements
  • review of contracts or agreements,
  • consulting and negotiation in legal, transactions,
  • Due diligence.

  • Drawing up, review, and consulting on contracts or agreements with international partners.

  • Preparing documentation required for founding of legal persons.
  • Presiding over shareholders assemblies/general meetings and drawing up convocations thereof.
  • Drawing up agreements on transfer of shares/shareholdings, call or put option agreements.
  • Legal recovery,
  • Filing damage claims,
  • Neighbour disputes,
  • Protection of possession,
  • Land register cases,
  • Probate cases,
  • Divorces, division of property,
  • Alimonies.
  • Drawing up contracts and agreements (sales agreement, gift deeds, loan agreements,
  • contracts of exchange and barter contracts, life annuity contracts etc.).
  • Representation in proceedings before EU institutions.
  • Drawing up employment relationship regulations for employers,
  • drawing up and revision of employment contracts,
  • representation in individual and collective labour disputes,
  • representation of employees in proceedings of asserting their fundamental rights,
  • representation of employers in proceedings regarding the termination of employment relationships,
  • representation of clients in proceedings asserting their rights to unemployment benefits,
  • representation of clients in social/labour disputes.

DAMIR IVANČIČ, univ. dipl. iur.,


Teaching Assistant for Theory and Sociology of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana (2009–2012)

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+386 (0)8 2057 733



Damir Ivančič graduated cum laude in 2004 at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. In the same year, he was hired as a court intern at the Higher Court in Celje. He successfully completed his internship in 2006 when he passed the national bar examination. During his employment as senior legal advisor at the District Court in Celje, he acquired knowledge and experience in the criminal department and the juvenile section in the president's office, and at the civil and family law department. He was employed at the Court until the first half of 2008. He then went on to become a lawyer, dealing mostly in the field of criminal, corporate, and general civil law. From 2009 to 2012, he held the title of teaching assistant for theory and sociology of law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana where he also held lectures. In 2014, he and Rok Trbovc founded their law firm in which they now work. Damir Ivančič is a proficient user of English, Croatian, and Serbian, and basic user of German.

ROK TRBOVC, univ. dipl. iur.,



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+386 (0)8 2057 733



Rok Trbovc graduated in 2006 at the Faculty of Law, University of Maribor. In 2007, he was hired as an attorney trainee at a law firm where he acquired knowledge and experience while working across the entire range of tasks. After passing the national bar examination, in 2013, he continued to work as an attorney candidate and attorney. In 2014, he and Damir Ivančič founded their law firm in which they now work. Rok Trbovc is a proficient user of English, Croatian, and Serbian.




As a rule, attorney services are charged pursuant to the effective Attorney Tariff Act announced in the Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia  No. 2/2015. The client is informed in advance about the price of the relevant service.

Attorneys Act also allows separate written agreements specifying the prices of attorney's services. We enter such agreements when they benefit our clients.


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